• Technological literacy rate of the patients is very low. A very small fraction of patients have ever interacted with a computer, tablet or a smart-phone. About 50% patients have access to mobile phones. Mostly they have very basic models. Very less computer usage. Most of the JSS staff and patients are computer illiterate. Patients may have no idea what a computer is.As a result, they might be apprehensive or diffident in approaching new technology. We might have to spend significant amount of time in making the user feel familiar with the device as well as the interface.
  • Resource unavailability - The patient module, in order to be accessible to the patient, would require that some tablets or PCs be installed at JSS.
  • Language barriers - Patients can be of different backgrounds and may be comfortable with their own mother-tongue. It would be difficult to implement the module with multiple language support, especially since we are hoping to add voice-over support.