Raxa JSS EMR Decision Support

Welcome! This is a space where we will collate, evaluate and implement decision support tools.

First step for adding decision support: drug contra-indications. To be implemented by Barry Levine's team in San Francisco, this module will exist in the back end, interact with pharmacy, and send alerts when a certain drug is prescribed with another that could cause harmful effects in tandem.

Relevant links:-

Studies of clinical decision support

  • paper by D Blumenthal et al explaining its relevance in HITECH
  • paper by Fahhad Farrukhi explaining why this is important
  • 1997_Lobach_12625.pdf
  • book by Marc Berg
  • study of legal liability in the age of decision support
  • They might have limited benefit in high-resource settings.


 Guideline Modeling Methods (GMMs) and Medical logic modules (MLMs)


Please feel free to add to this repository!