Getting Started Guide

Things to do

Please complete the following steps to register yourself for all the tools we use for development. If you find one of these tools is not applicable to you (e.g. GitHub account is not necessary for designers), then skipping a step is OK. 

  1. Mailing lists
    1. Everyone: join the "Contributors" mailing list
    2. If you're a developer, join the "Developers" mailing list
    3. If you're a UI/UX designer, join the "UI/UX" mailing list
  2. Calendar
    1. Subscribe to the Raxa Google Calendar
  3. Conferencing
    1. Download Skype and create an account
    2. Add "freeconferencing.7124320900" and "calliflowerskype" as Skype contacts (they will automatically accept).
  4. Dropbox
    1. Download Dropbox and create an account
    2. Request access to the "JSS EMR" shared folder.
  5. Git (for developers)
    1. Sign up for a GitHub account
    2. Set up git on your local computer
    3. "Watch" our GitHub repository at

Project Background

Specific Guides by Role