Installing Mumble

This guide will help you to install and setup Mumble and connect to the Raxa Conferencing Server.
To install Mumble please visit and download the distribution appropriate for your operating system. If you are installing on a mobile device you can find clients for Mumble in the app store.

In order to avoid possible incompatibilities please use the latest stable version (1.2.3a at the moment). The installation can be completed using the default settings.


When running Mumble for the first time it should automatically run the Audio Wizard, which will take you through the audio setup. If it doesn't or if you want to run the setup again later, go to Configure -> Audio Wizard, as seen in the screenshot below.



Audio Wizard

Click "Next" until you are taken to the screen "Device Selection". There you will be given the choice to select your audio input and output. Depending on the devices installed on your computer you may need to make adjustments here to select the device you want to use.

While on this screen Mumble will play any audio input from the selected input device on the audio device selected as output. This should help you ensure your audio is working properly - if you can hear yourself you should be ready to use Mumble.

The screens after that will take you through additional settings for optimization of your audio. You can skip those by pressing "Next" on each screen if you are in a hurry.


Connecting to Raxa Conferencing Server

Please use the connection details given below to connect to our conferencing server.

When you first connect to the server you will be presented with a warning of an untrusted certificate. It is safe to ignore this warning, so press “Yes” to accept the certificate.

Connection Details


LabelRaxa Conference Server
Server /
Username<enter your name>


Proxy Settings

Proxy settings can be found in the regular settings (Menu Configure -> Settings). In the settings dialog, go to the Network section and make sure the Advanced checkbox is ticked (it is positioned right above the Reset button in the lower left.