Voice Module Database

Database  Design

-Arpit Goyal

Well Till now most of our entities are clear and their relationship with each other are almost done.

Well i came up with 7 tables that we will be needing for our database structure-:

1)Diseases :-

  • Disease_Name
  • Disease_Id (Primary_Key)
  • Prevention_Wave_File_Link
  • Area_Of_Disease

2)Symtomps:- (Weak Entity:  Symptoms may have different names but have same meaning)

  • Symptom_Name
  • Symptom_Id


  • Doctor_Name
  • Doctor_Id (Primary_Key)
  • Area_Of_Specialization


  • Specialization_Name
  • Specialization_Id (Primary_Key)


  • Query_Id (Primary_Key)
  • Date_Time
  • Caller_Number
  • Recording_Wave_File_Link
  • Disease_Predicted


  • Query_Id
  • Date_Time_Updated
  • Disease_corrected
  • Doctor_Id

7)Symtomps_Wieghts:- (Weak Entity)

  • Symptom_Id
  • Symptom_Weight
  • Disease_Id

Well This gives a fair idea but it will be more clear with E-R Diagram and Schemas Diagram.

You can follow the  E-R Diagram Here.

You can Follow Schema Diagram Here

Apart From this I am also planning, not get biased to a single database but for all  MySql  , MsSql ,Oracle Databases. I am working on it's Interface too.