Role based permissions

Generic users to give role based permissions:

  • Registration clerk
  • Screener nurse
  • OPD Doctor
  • IP Staff Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Lab technician
  • Radiologist
  • Community Health Worker
  • Admin


Registration clerk should have access to:

  • Registration module
  • Personal Details (however should be logged who the registration clerk is searching for)
  • No medical details (unless is important to enter in chief complaint)


Screener nurse should have access to:

  • Screener module
  • Personal Details
  • Chief medical complaints, prior history that is flagged as important
  • Vitals

OPD Doctor

  • OPD module
  • Personal Details on assigned patients
  • Medical Details on assigned patients
  • Details on other patients, however this should be logged/flagged when a doctor accesses patients outside of the assigned patients pool

IP Staff Nurse

  • Doctor' Orders - Medication, Lab, Input Output, Vitals
  • Ward bed allocation details


  • Pharmacy module
  • Personal Details
  • Drug Orders, no other medical data

Community Health Worker

  • CHW module
  • Personal Details
  • Medical Details of assigned patients


  • Deleting patient records?
  • Add other staff and choose their roles
  • Other security measures?