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Project: Hashtag Editor for Medical Data

Brief Explanation: Doctors hate using EMRs. The pain of entering in data through forms is cumbersome – in the age of Google, such structured entry should be a last resort. Design and create a notepad like webapp, where keywords are signalled using the '#' symbol. The keyword allows autocomplete on drug names, diagnoses names, and lab investigation titles.

Used Technologies: Sencha Touch, JavaScript, OpenMRS, Natural Language Processing, cTAKES

Primary Mentor: Senthilnathan Shanmugam

Secondary Mentor: John Stoecker

Suggested Reading:


Familiarize yourself with Sencha Touch and the OpenMRS REST API

Create a canvas that allows text entry, and shows autocomplete options after hashtags.

If an autocomplete suggestion is selected, natural language processing should extract value data afterwards such as #Blood Pressure 25 or #Paracetamol 500mg q.d.s. 4 days

Collect the information from canvas and send to OpenMRS via REST

Getting Started:

Design sketches and UX ideas for editors

cTAKES install and demo parser


Project: Easy Treaty - Location Based Disease Treatment

Brief Explanation: Build an app to allow patients to connect disease treatments to locations. A user can look at their location and find what disease treatments are available nearby, as well as see the cost and availability.

Used Technologies:  Sencha Touch, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Sencha Touch

Primary Mentor: Karan Singh

Secondary Mentor: Piyush Madan


Familiarize yourself with Sencha Touch and the OpenMRS REST API

Create a webapp that handles searching, sorting and filtering efficiently.

Document your module so that we can maintain it.

Getting Started:

Build a Hello World app using Sencha

Install OpenMRS on your system:

Add on the OpenMRS REST module:

GET location data or provider data through the OpenMRS REST API

Show this data on a map