Screener Triage Module (STM)

What this module does

The main purpose of the Screener Triage Module (STM) is to facilitate smooth movement of incoming patients from the registration desk to other sections of the hospital like the out patient department, the laboratory department, the in patient department, emergency care or the pharmacy. A screener, typically an authorized personnel such as a senior nurse, examines every patient arriving at the hospital and redirects them to one of the services available in the hospital  by using the STM. 


Please take a look at the center column in projects:this document to get an idea of the screener workflow. 

User Stories

The user story for STM is explained in detail in projects:this document (pages 12 - 15).

Data Models Used

When a patient is processed by a screener nurse, the application sends a SCREENER encounter to OpenMRS. This encounter contains the patient uuid, the provider who see the patient, and the location. If needed, the screener nurse will also add orders (lab/radiology/pharmacy) as well inside the SCREENER encounter.

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Kevin Xu

Manav Goel

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Module Coordinator

Vidyabhushan Mohan 

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