How to File a Bug

These are best practices whenever you find a bug. Please take the 5 minutes it requires to put it into the system with description and "steps to reproduce", so it will be addressed/fixed in long run if needed.

Bonfire (tool which helps to file bugs)

Install the Bonfire extension for the Chrome Browser

Bonfire is very helpful for filing bug in a browser-based Application. It allows you to take a screenshot and annotate it with boxes, arrows, and text. It also captures your system details (to clarify the environment under which you experienced the bug).


Filing a good bug

Before filing a bug, quickly search in the issues list to see if someone has already filed the same bug. If a ticket for the issue already exists:

  • Please add a comment to the existing bug noting how your reproduced the bug
  • If needed, update the bug's description, severity, etc

If you are filing a new bug:

  • (if known) specific steps to reproduce bug
  • conditions which triggered the bug (browser, previous actions, user logged-in, etc)
  • any logs regarding the failure (chrome developer tools, server logs, etc)
  • expected behavior vs actual behavior
  • its severity (crashes whole system, breaks one component, minor issue, trivial issue)
  • suggestions on how to investigated / follow-up

Example bugs
RAXAJSS-359 - Getting issue details... STATUS
RAXAJSS-360 - Getting issue details... STATUS