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1.     Easy Treaty - Location Based Disease Treatment

A chronological order of cheapest to costliest treatments of diseases. Just like we can choose which vendor to buy from, we should be able to choose the place of treatment which is in the budget. Most operation decisions are taken based upon the cost it would incur. The entourage of all the hospitals would combine to form the database. And the operant can easily decide where he wants to be treated.

Used Technologies: OpenLayers, GoogleMaps, Leaflet, Cloudmade

Primary Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains

Secondary Mentor: Senthil Shanmugam


2.    Blood Donation Network

The Blood Donors Network app would concentrate on India’s requirement forcollection of blood by maintaining a group of voluntary donors. This location based retrieval of blood donors would be maintained by the localized hospitals and can directly contact the donors at the time of emergency.

Every year our nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood, out of which only a meager 40 Lakh units of blood are available

Why Donors love our software?

a)       Depending upon the time when the donor has donated blood, would be managed by our system, thus preventing the same person to be notified time and again.

b)      An individual will be informed only if the blood group matches. This doesn’t pertain in the present scenario, where in, the recipients feels the need to message all of his/her family members without knowing their blood group.

Why Recipients love our software?

The recipient can direct request the hospital to use our app for locating the donor and contact the person directly/indirectly (based on donors availability)

a)       One wouldn’t have to rely on social networking sites for locating donors, also disclosure that a near one is hospitalized is also made public by this act, which an individual would never want.

b)      Easy to access and target donors are reached quickly.

Used Technologies: OpenLayers, Google Maps, PHP, Node JS

Primary Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains

Secondary Mentor: Senthil Shanmugam


3.    Chat Service with Meteor and MongoDB/Sql

It would be a challenge to work with meteor and sql together to create a chat service which is a hustle free service that can be used on phones and desktops. It would feature a user to login using any social network, business network, phone number, and last but not least, through E-mail.

Used Technologies: Meteor, MongoDB, SQL, HTML, CSS

Primary Mentor: Surajit Nundy

Secondary Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains


4.    Raxa Care - Wearable Health Care

Our apps (Raxa Doctor and Raxa Care) can read data from the device and add it to user’s account and they would be able to see their statistics henceforth. Some of the medical equipments that can be used are as follows:

a)       Weight Scale

b)      Glucose meters

c)       Pulse oximeters

d)      Pedometers

Used Technologies: MATLAB, Simulink, Octave, Scilab

Primary Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains

Secondary Mentor: Senthil Shanmugam



5.    Raxa Oral Health

a)       Eye test – About 39% of people need to wear specs at an early age, and one major problem they face, is to visit an ophthalmologist to check their eye sight. They have to regularly check if they need a higher power lens. It is big hustle to take out time (waiting time included). A simple test which can be completed by an individual sitting at home. This eye test would include reading text from distance, and speech recognition would take the response from the user as he/she reads from the screen of mobile/desktop. Inclusively, we can add colour and night blindness test as well.

b)      Happy Teeth – A gym trainer for teeth. Why not? There is benevolence in each one of us to feel good, to be content and to take care of our health. It includes what we eat and drink. Thus we proudly call ourselves "consumers". But we often neglect the utility of our mouth and teeth without which there is no favour in life. And we should keep our gums healthy and clean.

This application reminds you at pre-set intervals to brush your teeth. Some exclusive features would be to click photo’s of self and rate your teeth based upon your performance of regular and having proper technique of brushing and colour of the teeth. 

Used Technologies: Java, C++, PHP, JS, CSS, XML, XAML, HTML

Primary Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains

Secondary Mentor: Senthil Shanmugam


6.    Notification Center

Our present Raxa Doctor and Raxa Patient needs to be linked together. It has features like chat and messages but proper interaction which makes it special, needs to be thoroughly examined.

Notification provides an indication of alerts. But what kind of alerts, which doctor(s) or patient(s) to alert and when to alert are main concepts to be discussed in the project. Follow up is of main importance to clinics and hospitals which needs to be addressed and appropriately handled. This project would require to understand the basic overview of relationship of doctor and patient.

Used Technologies: Javascript, Sencha Touch, Ext JS

Primary Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains

Secondary Mentor: Senthil Shanmugam


7.     MEET

A GPS oriented mobile application which connects people. It takes a long time to follow directions on a phone and reach a point. India is a great country, we are so proud of it. Also, it is a huge country and it hasn’t been traversed by google for street view yet. This app syncs with 2 phones with a common uuid which persons can transfer over phone and let the app guide you to the point of meeting.

This application will have two modes:

a)       HOST: The host decides the place of meeting. It could be his own residence or somewhere in the middle. If the place is in the middle, the application goes into directing both the users and fixes a point where they could meet at the same time depending on the present traffic conditions.

b)      JOIN: The person who needs the actual guidance and in the present scenario doesn’t know where to go unless he asks for directions. He can request the directions and the actual GPS coordinates to his host.

Used Technologies: C#, Objective C, Angular Javascript and Sencha Touch/ Ext JS

Mentor: Amrit Singh Bains