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Design Principles

Lead UI/UX Coordinator: Susan Wolfe


(Introduction taken from A few UI/UX housekeeping issues..., a blog post by Susan)


Creating Wireframes

We believe that we finally have the right approach/division of labor to make progress on both the user interface/interaction design as well as the visual look and feel.  We’re just about to kick off a process for determining what the brand feel should be for the overall Raxa application (in both the touch world and the PC world), and we will then develop the visual design conventions to make the modules have a common look to them.  That process is happening in parallel with the work that most of you are doing to create wireframes for the various modules. 


Furthermore, ideally we would all be using the same tools to develop those wireframes.   However, given that we’re a volunteer army and that we all have people different software, and different experience with software, we’re probably not able to mandate a single tool.  What’s most important is that the tool you use is sharable with others on your team so that you can share and eventually stitch everything together.   At worst case,  as long as the wireframe can be converted to a pdf, we’ll be able to do that.  Regardless, what we do know is that you should not spend your time/energy doing things that add minimal value to the process, such as creating them in Photoshop.  Instead, you should be focusing your effort on however you can most easily generate wireframes in a sharable manner with the rest of your team.

Information Architecture

Document in progress.


Project Breakdown (User roles, modules)

The user roles for the software are as follows: